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Long Story Short

Some mixed thumbnails from various projects I worked on at Album Agency this summer (yes, I got to design adorable sea creatures!) 

As you can probably imagine (due to my failure to blog for the last 4 months,) my life has become a whirlwind in the midst of job-hunting, multiple freelance ops, wisdom tooth and tonsil removal, and planning a couple of much-needed vacations. Don't get me wrong, in this economy I'm grateful to even have so many opportunities.

I was lucky to job-hunt for only 2 months after completing my internship at AdamsMorioka. During this entire time, I was freelancing at a wonderful ad agency called HeilBrice in Irvine as well as Asics Corporate Headquarters. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had such diverse experiences and to have met so many fun industry folks. 

While freelancing, I got recruited for an interview with OC-based Album Agency. Long story short, the job was a perfect match for my career path and I'm now their Creative Associate in charge of Graphic Design and Social Media. Our office is currently located in a humble little office in laid-back San Clemente. It's a different environment than the city lights I'm become used to over the past 3 years, but the company size and client base has given me the creative power I've been yearning for since graduation. Our agency currently consists of only 7 employees, but we have an interesting range of portfolio work in a variety of industries. I currently manage social media for 8 clients, 2 which are going to be soon running after a defined strategy. I've also gotten to work on a good range of design projects for clients in the restaurant, recycling, self-help, and consumer products industries. 
So far, I've learned more in 5 months at Album, then I have in all of my 4 internships combined. The best (and occasionally most overwhelming,) part of my job is that I  a diverse range of skills from both of my degrees. In an economy where many graduates aren't able to find jobs in their field, I feel extremely fortunate for this opportunity. I'm currently in the process of finishing and collecting approval to display work from the past year to display on this site. Until then, here's some teaser sketches from various Album projects I've been working on the past 4 months. 
Eagle explorations from my favorite Album identity project thus far. The CEO loved the design concept, but the project ended up not moving forward due to a combination of unfortunate factors.


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